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Comprehensive Dental Services from Expert Practitioners

Image of dental treatment chairDr. Mila Paltac and her team provide a wide array of cosmetic, general, and restorative dental services at their Saddle Brook, NJ, practice.

Cosmetic Enhancement


With this cosmetic treatment, thin, porcelain shells are placed directly on the surface of a tooth to conceal cracks, stains, or other cosmetic concerns. Veneers are primarily aesthetic, and are not as durable as crowns; therefore, they are better suited to the front teeth than molars. Our office offers both traditional veneers and minimal preparation LUMINEERS®.

Teeth Whitening  

To brighten your smile, our office provides Venus White® Heraeus teeth whitening as a simple solution. With this at-home kit, patients can apply whitening gel with a dental tray that fits directly over their teeth, 30 minutes a day for one week. Unlike other options, Venus White® is so gentle that even patients with sensitive gums can take advantage of treatment without issue.

Tooth-colored Fillings

For patients with minor tooth decay or trauma, we provide tooth-colored composite fillings. Made of a mixture of plastic and glass, these fillings blend seamlessly with surrounding teeth. Consequently, the fillings serve as both a restorative and cosmetic treatment for dental damage. 

Dental Bonding

With this cosmetic treatment, tooth-colored composite resin is applied to repair chips, fractures, or discoloration of the teeth. It is also often used to reshape a tooth or protect tooth roots exposed by gum recession.

Smile Makeover

Our team can combine a number of cosmetic procedures to help patients achieve the smile they have always wanted. Patients may receive veneers, teeth whitening, crowns, and even a smile lift with our resident periodontist to reshape their gumline.

Restorative Treatment

Dental Implants

Dental implants function as artificial teeth to replace both the tooth and its root. Titanium posts placed in the jaw can secure a variety of restorations, including crowns, bridges, and dentures.


Dentures are the traditional remedy for multiple missing teeth. These prosthetics fit directly over the gums and are held in place with suction or adhesive. For a more durable, long-term solution, our office can secure dentures with dental implants.


For teeth badly damaged by decay or trauma, we offer both full and three-quarter dental crowns. These restorations are placed directly over a tooth to provide support, restore function, and improve appearance. In some cases, our dentists can use crowns as a purely cosmetic treatment to improve the look of short or worn-down teeth.

Inlays and Onlays

Another restorative option, inlays and onlays act as an intermediate step between crowns and fillings. Inlays are best suited to repair damage between the cusps of a molar, while onlays can extend beyond the cusps and down the sides of a tooth.

Our practice provides high-quality, comprehensive dental care from a team of dedicated specialists.

General Care

Dental Cleanings

Because maintenance is such an important component of oral health, our full-time hygienist provides regular dental cleanings to remove plaque and tartar build-up and advise patients on proper at-home hygiene.


Our in-house periodontist can provide advanced care for gums affected by periodontal disease, including deep cleanings, periodontal surgery, bone regeneration, crown lengthening, gingivoplasty, and a variety of other procedures.


Patients of all ages seeking a straighter smile can take advantage of orthodontic services with our in-house specialist. We provide both traditional braces and Invisalign®, as well as pre- and post-treatment orthodontic therapies as needed. We also have orthodontic appliances for bit alterations services available.

Root Canals

When tooth decay is close to nerve tissue, we may recommend root canal therapy. During this procedure, infected or damaged tissue is removed from the innermost canal of the tooth, eliminating discomfort and minimizing future risk of re-infection.

Night and Sport Guards

For patients suffering from severe TMJ or sleep apnea, or for those who simply play sports, we provide night and sports guards to protect the teeth.

Conscious Sedation Dentistry

For sensitive patients or those undergoing longer procedures, we provide nitrous oxide to promote comfort and relaxation. For complicated treatments, we may combine nitrous oxide with other forms of sedation, such as Valium®.

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Our practice provides high-quality, comprehensive dental care from a team of dedicated specialists. Reach out today to take advantage of our services and schedule an appointment.